About Us

Biohacking is a process of changing the environment around you and inside you so that you have full control of your own biology. Your biology doesn’t listen to you very well, but it always does what your environment tells it to do.

Here you will find unusual hardware, software, tools, experiments, and other gear that make it easier for you to make your body and mind do what you want, with the least amount of effort and time.

Biohacked is a collection of biohackers, technologists, and innovators who routinely test the boundaries of our “common knowledge” in a quest to maximize the human experience. We keep our finger on the pulse of innovation around the world, then we use that to change our own pulses (or cellular function…or mitochondria growth…).

We incubate ideas, develop cutting edge products from concept through (sometimes painful, but always educational) experimentation. Not all ideas work, but those that do will make a difference, and you’ll find them here at Biohacked.com.

People from all walks of life are biohackers. College students seeking an edge in class. Entrepreneurs looking to change the world. Parents working to have energy to match their your children’s. Grandparents staving off the ravages of aging, literally growing younger brains. Wherever you are, if you believe that you should have the right to choose the state you’re in, you’re a biohacker.

Biohacking doesn’t happen in a bubble. There is so much knowledge in the world and the pace of technological growth is accelerating. Working with a worldwide network of experts and investors across industries, Biohacked is innovating on cutting edge ideas that challenge long held assumptions.

On Biohacked.com, you’ll find some of our own creations, as well as ideas and products from other biohackers who have found a way to help you make a difference in your world. Our partners, advisers, and investors come from all walks of life and experience. Each is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human performance and health. 

If you’re a biohacker with an idea to discuss or a product that you’d like to make available on Biohacked.com, let us know at HackIdeas@biohacked.com