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It’s simple! To get Dave Asprey’s curated box you simply subscribe to Dave Asprey’s Box at Then every 3 months a box is delivered to your doorstep. It contains new, unique or impactful biohacking products and ideas, curated and explained by Dave. The value of the items in the box WAY surpass the quarterly amount you pay. So not only do you get a bunch of new biohacks every 3 months, you also save a ton of money!

Each box is delivered quarterly. Sometimes we bend the space-time continuum and deliver a little sooner or later than the 3 month mark, but if you’re subscribed all year, you’ll get 4 throughout the year. We only charge you when the box is ready to ship.

If we told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. That’s part of the magic of the box. Dave curates each box individually, which means you never know what you’re going to get. Some boxes have themes, such as “sleep”, or “workout”. Others are a collection of items that don’t directly tie together, but that all provide you with a new hacking experience. 

While we won’t comment on the past, we can enthusiastically comment on the here-and-now. The Dave Asprey Box quarterly subscription is ONLY available at If you’re subscribed at Biohacked, you’ll have an account that you can log into and see the status of your subscription. Or, you can always email us at if you want to triple check.

Nope, no relation at all. Dave continues curating his own box, as he’s done for years, and he’s doing it right here with Biohacked. We suggest you make the switch to the Dave Asprey box! But don’t take our word for it. There are thousands of biohackers who have subscribed to Dave’s curated boxes over the years, and the feedback contains comments like “Best box ever” and “What I like about the Dave Asprey Box is knowing the dedication and time he puts into picking the items for each box.  They are always well thought out with a potential benefit to anyone who subscribes”.

When your box is ready to ship! Even when you sign up for your first Dave Asprey  box, you won’t be charged until it’s ready to ship. So if you sign up in early October, but the next box isn’t due to ship until early December, you won’t be charged until early December. For your ongoing subscription, the same rules apply. You aren’t charged until the box is packed up and ready to go.

You can update your payment method or credit card number by following these instructions:

1. Log into your account at

2. Click on your account info (upper right corner of the screen)

3. Click on ”subscriptions”

4. Click on the view button next to your subscription

5. From there you can change your payment by clicking on the “change payment” button

To change your shipping address, follow the instructions above, then click on “addresses”, then the “edit” button next to your shipping address.

We don’t bill you until the box is ready to ship, so you don’t owe us the subscription fee unless the box is shipping right away. By entering your card, you’ve reserved your box and we will charge the card when the box is ready to go.

These boxes are popular and we can sell out! By reserving your Dave Apsrey Box ahead of time, you’re guaranteeing that we have a box with your name on it when shipping time comes. Since we don’t charge you ahead of time and you can cancel up until the time the box ships, there is only an upside to reserving your box ahead of time.

Check our online calendar to see when (approximately) the next box will ship. As we get closer to the ship date, we’ll keep you posted! Generally, we ship boxes at the beginning of March, June, September and December of each year. 

If there is a problem, email and we’ll take care of you!

Due to the custom and exclusive nature of each box, we do not accept returns on the Dave Asprey Box. Dave works hard to curate boxes that biohackers will love. If you were unhappy with one of your boxes, please let us know at so we can bring your feedback to the source and continually improve.

Currently, Dave’s Biohacking Boxes ship via USPS for US domestic customers and either USPS or DHL Express (you can choose during signup) for most international customers. If you are an international customer and need to change your shipping method, please contact our Customer Service team at and we’ll be happy to help!

If you suspect that your package has been delayed or possibly lost, please contact USPS Tracking® customer service directly and have your USPS tracking number on hand. You can email your concern by sending USPS an email with as much detail as possible and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can call USPS at 1-800-222-1811 at any time that they’re open:

  • Monday thru Friday: 8:00 am to 8:30 pm ET
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET
  • Sundays: Closed
  • Holidays: Closed

Yes, we do! You can choose your preferred shipping method during checkout. If you don’t see your country listed during checkout, please contact our Customer Service team at and we’ll be happy to help.  Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of any duties and fees imposed by your country’s Customs office if any are imposed.

TrueDark® Twilight glasses block 590Nm and below – basically all blue, green and violet. We block the broadest spectrum on the market! Melanopsin is very sensitive to green and violet, as well as blue.

The yellow Daylights line of glasses filter 75% of light between the ranges of 380nm and 500nm, and the clear Daylights filter 40% of that same range. Your eyes need SOME blue light to function properly, just not the excess amount most electronic screens and artificial lighting produces! For light to moderate junk light exposure during the day, we recommend our clear Daylights. For moderate to high junk light exposure, we recommend our yellow Daylights.

As we are always working to improve our technology and designs, the Twilight Fitovers are the result of extensive testing and customer feedback. The feedback on the Twilight original glasses was that they were “too dark.” Because of, this, we did additional research and testing that allowed us to find a balance that lets in more orange, red and infrared – which provides more light – while still blocking the worst wavelengths of junk light. Our research shows that the very slight increase in green and cyan does not significantly reduce their potency, so it simply makes it a little easier to see and not trip over things on the floor (like your kids’ toys, the dog, etc.) They are just as effective as the original … just with improved visibility!

Your purchase may qualify as an HSA/FSA Expense. Please consult your tax advisor.

Neurominer is a brain training tool designed to help you improve your memory, creativity and recall. It combines custom made audio sound files with interactive chimes to challenge your brain to “pay attention”, even as it’s being put into different states of “non-focus”. Neurominer helps you train your brain to capture and retain moments of insight and clarity so they don’t slip away!

On average, trainees make the most progress in the first 30 consecutive days of use. After 30 days, a weekly one time tune up in your preferred level (Creator, Visionary or Dreamer) helps keep you in the zone.

Neurominer is available on an annual subscription basis. You pay just once at the start of your subscription and you have unlimited single user access all year long! A full 12 months of Neurominer is $75. That’s about 20 cents per day. Not bad for a tool that is shown to help memory and recall ability!

Step 1: Log into your account by clicking on “Account”

Step 2: On your Dashboard page, you’ll see Neurominer listed under your Memberships. Simply click the “start” button. That will take you to the Neurominer page where you can dive right in. Or you can read more about Neurominer using the sidebar menu on the right side of the screen, which includes detailed instructions and more information of the benefits of each of the 3 training levels of Creator, Visionary and Dreamer.

Neurominer streams in a web browser, so you can use any device that has access to the internet. You’ll also want to have a pair of stereo headphones. You’ll be hearing a different soundtrack in each ear, so the stereo part is important! Plan on using Neurominer in a fairly dark room, or use a sleep mask. The darkness helps your brain move into the various states which create the counting challenge.

Yes, Neurominer currently requires an active internet connection during use. 

There are 3 levels that build upon each other. The “easiest” for most people is the Creator program, followed by Visionary as the “harder” program and the Dreamer program as the “hardest”.

  1. Creator sessions are designed to be in your Alpha wave states. This brain state is a state of normal waking consciousnesses. It is the “easiest” level to start with.
  2. The next level is Visionary, which leads you into the Theta state. This is a little bit of a deeper state compared to Alpha waves, so many Neurominer users move into the Visionary program once they’ve used the Creator program for about a week.
  3. The third, and deepest, level is the Dreamer program. Here, you’ll work on recall when you’re in the Delta state, which are associated with the unconscious mind. Note that this program is 35 minutes long. That gives your brain time to get into the Delta state. You can do it for less time, but you won’t see as much benefit.

The standard protocol is 7 days on Creator, then 9 days on Visionary, then 14 days on Dreamer. That gets you through a full 30 day training program at increasingly difficult levels. However, you’re a biohacker. So try out whatever works for you. If you find Creator to be too “easy”, then move up to Visionary or Dreamer after just one session. You have unlimited access, so experiment as much as you’d like!

It’s both good and bad that you’re finding the training to be “easy”. Remember that it’s the stress of forgetting and then remembering that causes your brain to build the new connections that allow you to have a thread of attention at your disposal. If you are normally a very focused person, you are probably obsessively focused on counting the chimes. That means your brain is filtering out the soundtracks. So change your mindset. Focus on the soundtracks instead of the chimes. Stay “aware” of the chimes, but focus on the sound of the rain or waterfalls instead. Basically, stop trying so hard. 🙂

Yes…and No… The longer you allow each session to run, the more benefit you’ll get. But we’re also practical and know that sometimes you’ll just want to do a quick brush up rather than a full session. The ideal times are 20 minutes for Creator, 25 for Visionary and 35 for Dreamer. The minimum time to get a score for each level is 10 minutes. If you stop it prior to the 10 minute mark, we’ll let ask you to confirm you want to stop and remind you that you won’t receive a score for that session.

If you experience any silence when playing Neurominer, your phone/tablet/computer may be going to sleep, which can stop Neurominer from playing. The chimes happen often throughout each session, so if you go for more than 2 minutes without a chime, that’s a good signal that something is up with your settings. If you have a locking screen, the settings on your device may prevent you from entering your chime count. If that’s the case with your device, turn off the screen lock before starting your training.

Any of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 11 and higher. If you are having trouble with any of these, check to be sure you’re on a fairly recent version.

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