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Father’s Day Biohacking Gift Essentials That Dad Will Love!

Looking for a different way to express your thanks and love to Dad this year? This Father’s Day, get him a gift that shows him how much you care about his health and well-being.  Whether you’re looking for something high-end, or a gift that’s a little more budget conscious, we’ve put together a list of some our favorite biohacks that we think the superhero in your life will truly appreciate.

For Better Skin

Alitura Naturals

“Alitura” is Latin for “Feeding and Nourishing”.  Alitura Naturals uses natural, non-GMO and chemical free ingredients that come directly from the Earth to help your skin glow and radiate health. Whatever dad’s hobbies are – in the toolshed, in adult sports leagues, in the garden — help him keep his skin clear and healthy!

Use coupon code “biohacked20” at checkout to save 20% off of your order.

TrueLight Light Therapy Devices

The TrueLight product line uses a patent-pending combination of photobiomodulation (including deep red, red, near-infrared and yellow light) to promote deeper healing and faster recovery of the skin and body. It does this by stimulating the mitochondira in your cells and promoting greater production of ATP (energy).  This essentially helps you heal and recover faster. The TrueLight Energy Square is great for targeted healing,  whereas the TrueLight Energy Mat and Pillow provide a full-body solution.

This week only, save 15% off on all TrueLight light therapy devices with coupon code “FathersDay15”!

For More Energy and Better Performance


If your Dad is the on-the-go type, then he needs a healthy way to maintain his energy and focus without a cycle of sugar rushes and crashes. ENERGYbits offers tablets that are made out of chlorella and spirulina (algae and a type of bacteria, respectively); these superfoods are high in protein and micronutrients, and they won’t leave your dad feeling wiped out. Even if he is on-the-go, ENERGYbits can fit right in his pocket and go with him!

Use coupon code “biohacked” at checkout to save 20% off of your order.

Bulletproof MCT Oil Packs

“Bad” fats may affect memory and cognitive function, but “good” facts can actually help protect the brain. And even though the brain accounts only accounts for 2% of our bodyweight, it utilizes 20 percent of the body’s metabolic energy. So it’s important to preserve brain health for better energy and cognitive ability.

Bulletproof’s MCT oils basically supercharge your brain by rapidly and efficiently converting healthy fats into ketone energy. Though they do contain parts of coconuts and coconut oil for health benefits, rest-assured there is no excessive coconut flavor when consumed.  If you’re looking for a simple yet versatile gift that Dad can easily make a part of his lifestyle, and help preserve his brain health, give Bulletproof MCT Oils a go!


The #BiohackedBox is a quarterly subscription box that is hand-curated by Dave Asprey and delivered right to your doorstep! It features some of the latest and greatest products from health and wellness brands, and the theme of the box changes each quarter.

The latest box to launch is the Energy and Performance Box, which includes:

The Muse Headband
BIOptimizers Enzymes and Supplements
Paleovalley Grass-Fed Beef Sticks
A High Performance Planner
A Primate Posture Brace
Bulletproof Protein Collagen Bars
+ more!

As the name suggests, this box was designed with energy and performance in mind. Dad won’t just enjoy the snacks; he’ll actually find the tools inside to be useful. Since the Energy and Performance #BiohackedBox was just released, please contact Customer Support to purchase the box a la carte.

For Better Sleep

TrueDark Sleep-Hacking Glasses

Help Dad keep his circadian rhythm in check with the ultimate blue light-blocking glasses for night time. These glasses come with bold red lenses and technology that blocks the “junk” light at night time from all artificial light sources (including LEDs, fluorescents, computers, tvs, tablets, and smartphones).  As soon as your Dad puts them on, his mind will go into an alpha (or meditative) state, so that he can fall asleep faster and rest more deeply. These are great for inducing naps during the day and beating jet lag while traveling too!

This week only, save 15% on all TrueDark blue light-blocking eyewear! Use coupon code “FathersDay15” at checkout to save.

Sleep Crown Over-The-Head Pillow

It’s as simple as it sounds, but believe us when we say that it will have Dad out like a rock! This pillow is designed to block out all ambient light and noise while resting. Other fun facts: it’s hypoallergenic, vegan and bird friendly, and handmade in the USA. It’s about time that Dad got a good night sleep, so make sure that his pillows are up to par.

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It’s one thing to ask yourself if you think you slept well last night; it’s another to have the data to prove it – or not. Biostrap is for the Dads that love to geek out over tech and data!

The Biostrap platform utilizes a wristband and shoepod that work in harmony to help you understand your body and take your training to the next level. Specific metrics that can be measured include: blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variability (HRV), heart rate (HR), and respiratory rate.  The sleep tracker also  provides sleep analysis, personal insights, and can capture your body movement and activities throughout the day (and night). Your dad can use Biostrap to help measurably improve his sleep, recovery, and performance.

Enter promo code: “BIOHACKED10” for 10% off of your order.

For a Healthier Gut


One man’s food is another man’s poison, literally. Everyone is different, and how one person’s gut micro-biome responds to food may vary greatly from another person’s. Why is this important? Because the gut directly affects one’s digestion, mood, weight, sleep, and more.  You can think of Viome as the high-end poop test that offers insights to help Dad to make healthier choices for himself every single day.  It may seem a little silly, but this at-home test is potentially very empowering.

For Father’s Day only, grab a Viome kit for Dad for just $149 ($250 off!).

For Better Dental Care

Primal Life Organics

We’re not insinuating that Dad has a bad smile; however, it doesn’t hurt to give some special attention to oral health. Like poor gut health, poor oral health can lead to disease. Primal Life Organics is on a mission to help people understand the link between overall health and oral health in the prevention of systemic disease.  Using a holistic approach, their all-natural products help free the body from toxins and function in a holistic state.  This allows the body to re-establish its natural micro-biome inside your mouth (which directly feeds the gut micro-biome).

Primal Life Organics is currently offering special deals on their LED Teeth Whitening System!

Dental care isn’t all that Primal Life Organics does by the way. They also have all-natural skincare products and deodorants!

Pre-Packaged Bundles Just for Dad!

Beekeeper’s Naturals Superdad Essentials

This awesome bundle includes:

  • B.LXR Brain Fuel for a caffeine-free boost to help him get in the zone and focus no matter what he’s working on—spreadsheets, bike racing, or making a soufflé!
  • B. Powered Superfood Honey combines all the hive superfoods to help active dads stay energized, healthy, and crushing all day long.
  • B.Chill Honey Sticks. Even super dads need to kick back, relax, and soak up some bliss once in a while.
  • POLLINATOR Hat… because supporting the bees is cool (and so is dad humor).