The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Better Immune Health

Given the health concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, Mother’s Day (May 10) is going to look a little different this year. You’ll still be able to tell Mom how much you love and appreciate her, but a video call may have to suffice instead of a traditional family brunch. You can also still send a gift from the heart, even if you’re social distancing. This year, one of the best things that you can do is show the moms in your life how much you care about their well-being by helping them keep their immune system strong. Below is a list of healthy items that we think would make for some great immune-boosting Mother’s Day gifts (for your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, or friends that are moms).

Beekeeper’s Naturals Mother’s Day Bundle

Honey doesn’t just take good, it has many antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that can help Mom prevent and fight infections from viruses. Bee pollen has also been touted as a superfood that can relieve inflammation, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and speed up healing. Beekeeper’s Naturals Mother’s Day gift bundle is specially curated to help every mama feel like the queen bee she is. It includes:              

  • B.Powered Honey (330g jar)     

  • B.LXR Brain Fuel (6 pack)     

  • Propolis Throat Spray for Kids   

  • Raw Bee Pollen  

  • Limited Edition Raspberry Blossom Honey 

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There’s nothing like Mother’s Day chocolate, right? The good news is that Mom doesn’t have to give up her favorite treats to stay healthy! Addictive Wellness is committed to creating decadent, gourmet chocolate that incorporates the best of South American superfoods, Ayurvedic and Taoist tonic herbalism in each bite.

Addictive Wellness chocolate is a vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly food. Each chocolate product and elixir blend contains tree mushrooms, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as positive effects on skin.

Please note: You should not consume Addictive Wellness chocolate if you are allergic to mushrooms, pregnant or breastfeeding.

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TrueLight LED Light Therapy Devices

If there were a magic pill, LED light therapy, or photobiomodulation, might be it. It’s essentially a painless, drug-free therapeutic treatment for healing the skin and body that you (and the moms in your life) can use in the comfort of home.  TrueLight LED light therapy devices use a patent-pending combination of deep red, red, yellow and near-infrared (NIR) light for a variety of different treatments.  

The red and NIR wavelengths are especially helpful for: 

  • Enhanced blood circulation  

  • Increased collagen production  

  • Reduces scars, wrinkles, & fine lines  

  • Faster wound healing Pain relief  

  • Anti-inflammatory effects 

Yellow light therapy is especially helpful for healing the top layer of skin. Possible benefits include: 

  • Improving skin hydration 

  • Flushing toxins from the skin 

  • Reducing fine lines, scars and wrinkles 

  • Treating inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and eczema 

  • Boosting lymphatic flow, which helps to remove toxins from treated areas of the body 

  • Healing UV damage 

  • Reducing redness and swelling 

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Homebiotic Spray

Social distancing is helping us prevent the spread of the latest coronavirus, but it means that we are all spending more time at home – cooking, showering, eating,  etc.  Many of us are also cleaning more than usual, perhaps keeping windows and doors shut, and washing our hands more. Each of these elements can result in less air circulation and more moisture throughout the home, which provides the perfect conditions for mold to grow.  Many studies show that mold growth can compromise the body’s immune system and make you more vulnerable to viruses and infections.

Homebiotic spray is a probiotic for your home that adds good bacteria to balance out the bad ones.  It helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew and eliminates the cause of musty odors, aka “basement smell”.  While the moms in your life are balancing work and family at home, Homebiotic could be a simple yet effective solution for keeping the household healthy and their immune systems strong.

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TrueDark Twilights Sleep-Hacking Glasses

Let’s be honest, moms are constantly sacrificing sleep for the ones that they love. The least that we can do is help them sleep better.  TrueDark Twilights are the most effective “blue blockers” for nighttime because they block up to 100% of the junk light spectrum (including blue, green and violet light).  So, even if Mom is up working or streaming her favorite show in bed, she can wear these glasses while looking at screens. Wearing TrueDark Twilights will support her body’s natural melatonin production and prepare her for a great night’s sleep.

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Upgraded Isolation Dave Asprey Box

Right now, many moms are feeling an array of emotions — stressed about working from home, anxious about balancing that work with their family time, and unsure about what’s to come. If your mom is starting to get cabin fever, the Dave Asprey Box may be able to help with its upcoming “Upgraded Isolation“ themed box!   This next box will include a handful of immune-boosting products and tools that are designed to make Mom’s time at home more enjoyable, It  will also keep her mind and body strong so that she can emerge stronger than ever once the COVID-19 concerns subside.


Science shows that staying creative helps reduce stress and improve wellbeing. This is because when you create, you unlock your imagination and put yourself into a flow state. Focusing intensely on a creative task is a productive and constructive use of your mind.  It also prompts the brain to release feel-good hormones that can help distract us from feelings of anxiety or depression.

With that said, creativity is something that we could all use right now, including momWhile she’s got some extra time at home, why not help her hone her cognitive skillsNeurominer is a brain training tool designed to help improve memory, creativity and recall.  There are three different levels that help you capture and retain moments of insight and clarity so that they don’t slip away! Mom can use Neurominer in the comfort of her home – all she needs is a quiet, dark space to help her focus. 

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