Night time Sleephacking Glasses

When the sun goes down, blue light isn’t the only junk light that can disrupt our sleep cycle. Purples and greens can also throw off our internal body clock. TrueDark® Sleep Hacking glasses are the only solution designed to prep your body and mind for sleep by blocking the entire spectrum of light that impacts sleep and performance.

  • Twilight Classic

    Twilight Classic - Sport-style, with full coverage foam barrier for maximum nighttime junk light blocking protection. - If you use electronics (phone/tablet/laptop) in bed to read this style is the ideal choice; if you read a paper book with a lamp in bed, you might want to consider our Twilight Elites instead.
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  • Kids Superhero Twilight

    Kids Superhero Twilight -Full coverage Superhero style, wrap around design nighttime junk light blockers, fits most kids 3-7 (not recommended for kids under 3)
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