Elite & Classic Box Set

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Elite and Classic Box Set
– Modern streamlined design for day and full-coverage for night for 24-hr junk light blockers

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Use Daywalkers during your waking hours alongside, Twilights when you’re ready for sleep, to fight junk light from electronics, harsh artificial light, and jet lag for more energy, focus, and clarity.

Elite and Classic Box Set

Modern streamlined design for the day and full-coverage for the night for 24-hr junk light blockers

TrueDark® Elite & Classic Box Set comes with:

  • 1 Pair TrueDark® Daywalker Elite
    • Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum frames
    • Modern styling wrap-around design for a more streamlined design and coverage
  • 1 Pair TrueDark® Twilight Classic glasses
      • Frames are constructed of a lightweight waterproof polycarbonate
    • Sports styling wraparound frame
    • Interchangeable prescription lens insert
    • Full coverage foam barrier border for maximum coverage
  • UV protection, glare, and scratch resistant lenses
  • 2 Hardshell glasses case
  • 1 Microfiber lens cleaning cloth

TrueDark® Daywalker – For Your Waking Hours

Blue light emitted from the sun helps regulate our sleep/wake cycle. However, in today’s world, we’re exposed to an overabundance of blue light or junk light from artificial light. This includes hours spent in front of  TVs, phones, and computers. It also includes time spent in artificial man-made light with LEDs and fluorescent lights. Even if we’re simply reading a book, we’re doing that in artificial light which emits dramatically more blue light than the sun. That overexposure to junk light during the day has a dramatic impact on our neurotransmitters and hormones that are responsible for quality sleep.

TrueDark® Daywalker glasses help filter the overabundance of junk light from artificial light sources when you are indoors, working on computers, watching TV, or anywhere else junk light is impacting your performance. Some blue light during the day is good for you, and TrueDark® Daywalkers will help you find the right balance of blue light exposure from artificial light sources. TrueDark® Daywalker tones down the amount of the blue wavelengths that negatively impact your biology and help:

  • Block the harshest blue light wavelengths emitted by LEDs, electronics, phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Reduce daytime eye strain
  • Improve overall sleep
  • Synchronize your circadian rhythm

For more information on TrueDark® Daywalker glasses check out our article on by clicking here.

The Daywalker lenses are strategically designed and use pure, durable solid colored lenses rather than a color tint painted over clear glass. The result is a clarity of light and consistent junk light coverage throughout the scratch resistant lens.

TrueDark® Twilight – When You’re Ready for Sleep

When the sun goes down, blue light isn’t the only junk light that can disrupt our sleep cycle and more than blue blockers are needed. Patented TrueDark® Twilight is the first and only solution that is designed to work with melanopsin, a protein in your eyes responsible for absorbing light and sending sleep/wake signals to your brain. Without melanopsin, melatonin can’t be accessed.

When you wear your Twilights for as little as 30 min before bed you prevent your melanopsin from detecting the wrong wavelengths of light at the wrong time of day. This supports your circadian rhythm and helps you fall asleep faster and get more restorative and restful sleep.

Stop Junk Light with patented TrueDark® Twilight technology that frees your hormones and neurotransmitters to do their best work.

  • Block the harshest blue, violet and green sleep-robbing wavelengths emitted by fluorescent lights, LEDs, electronics, phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Support your evening and nighttime hormone levels
  • Improve overall sleep
  • Synchronize your circadian rhythm

For more information on TrueDark® Twilight glasses check out our article on by clicking here.

Twilight lenses are strategically designed based on research and patented technology that uses pure, durable solid colored lenses rather than a color tint painted over clear glass. The result is a clarity of light and 100% consistent junk light and scratch resistant coverage.

Important Note

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while wearing. Use common sense and avoid driving, using heavy machinery or other actions that may be impacted by becoming tired, a change in depth perception or changes in the color spectrum.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 6.9 × 3.1 × 2.9 in

2 reviews for Elite & Classic Box Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    erikblaz (verified owner)

    The problem that I was trying to solve here it that my right eye gets blurry as the day goes on, by 6pm I can’t read or see anything close to me.

    I bought these glasses and I wear the daywalkers all day while in front of my computer. I was very skeptical. After the first day, I could see better at the end of the day. Maybe it was a coincidence, 3 days later and my right eye lasts all day. I am amazed and incredibly thankful that I found these.

    The twilight glasses I put on about an hour before I go to bed, I have not noticed any difference in my sleep. I have noticed that I have more energy than I had before I started wearing these, maybe all of the blue light was making me tired too. This is really a game changer for me. So thankful that I read Asprey’s book and learned about these.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    shawn_montazemi (verified owner)

    I work a part-time second shift factory job for the biggest e-commerce company in the world, take one guess who it might be.

    My employer installed a new super bright digital LED lighting system replacing the dated florescent lights.

    I instantly started to develop symptoms.

    Even if I arrived to work with plenty of energy, I would have a massive energy crash, mostly in the form of brain fog. When I would get off work, around midnight, the fog lifted but my mind became so active that it would take 2-3 hours to fall asleep. Things got serious for me when I began to slur my speech and had trouble finding my words. The new lighting system was causing obvious inflammation in my brain.

    Within one week of ordering the TrueDark Twilight and Daywalker Elite Set and wearing the Daywalker at work then switching out to the TrueDark pair before bed, my symptoms began to improve and disappear. I also began wearing a silk mask while sleeping to block any and all light sources during the night.

    Unfortunately, the management didn’t understand my new glasses and would not let me wear them due to safety concerns, I know…the irony is comical, without a special accommodation from a doctor. I was sent home and either allowed to work without my glasses or NOT allowed to work if I wanted to protect my health.

    Luckily my optometrist gave me my accommodation, signed off on all of my concerns and Dave Asprey’s research that I had brought with me, and told me she wishes the general public were more aware of the dangers of junk light. My optometrist also commented on how well the TrueDark Twilight and Daywalker Elite glasses were made. I too agree with the manufacturing quality of both glasses and don’t understand why there have been negative comments on quality. Not only are the glasses themselves made well but also the packaging and glass cases are top notch. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

    More good news.

    Since I now have a doctor’s signature and an employer who is responsible for installing a junk lighting system, they are going to have to pay for my “safety equipment”.

    If Dave is interested in selling thousands of pairs of glasses, maybe even tens of thousands, he needs to use my story as a case study and land a big purchase order.

    Give me a call Dave…ha, ha!!!

    Love you and love your work!!!

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