TrueDark Performance and Sleep Technology

Not all light is created equal and the wrong lighting at the wrong time of day can ruin your sleep, performance and health. That’s why we created TrueDark™.

The concept of blocking the blue light spectrum, which is the biggest culprit of circadian rhythm disruption in today’s modern world, is not a new one. There are many “blue blocker” glasses that have been around for a while, but they are a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s overkill for use during the day and are not quite strong enough for use before bed. So we created TrueDark Sleep and Performance Technology.


Go beyond a simple blue light filter and block the entire spectrum of light disrupting your sleep and performance. Used at night-time and for airline travel, your circadian rhythm has never been so in touch. Read more about Twilights.


Filter some, but not all, blue spectrum so you can keep your body in-tune with what’s happening outside as the sunlight begins to go down, even while you’re still hard at work. It also can help reduce eye strain for those who are in front of a computer all day long. Read more about Daywalkers.

Daywalker Elite

Take the same technology as the Daywalker glasses, add polarization to the lenses and replace the lightweight engineered plastic frame with aircraft grade aluminum and you have the Daywalker Elites. Add a bit more style to your circadian regulation with less goggle, more glamour. Read more about Daywalker Elite.

TrueDark Kids

Same technology as in the “adult” version, but sized and styled for smaller heads. Junk light is even worse for kids than junk food! Use Daywalker to help your kids relax during screen time, and patented Twilights to be ready for quality sleep when it’s bed time.

Read more about TrueDark Kids


Your house is full of green and blue LEDs, from smoke detectors to clocks to appliances in your kitchen. Eliminate them, or frequency-shift them to mitochondria-friendly colors with TrueDark Dots. Read more about TrueDark Dots.

Take Control of Your Light

TrueDark™ provides protection from uncontrolled light in your environment. This prevents you from falling into the pitfalls that happen when your body’s internal clock is thrown off its natural course due to artificial lighting, travel, and shift working, to name a just a few common culprits.

  • Improve sleep quality[1] [2]
  • Reduce brain inflammation
  • Support weight loss [3]
  • Block harmful or overly strong light wavelengths emitted by LEDs, electronics, phones, tablets and computers.
  • Reduce daytime eye strain
  • Synchronize your circadian rhythm
  • Increase energy and focus 

How to Use TrueDark


During the day, use Daywalkers or Daywalker Elites to reduce eye strain and begin filtering some blue light in the afternoon, or all day when you’re in harsh junk like environments (fluorescent or LED lighting, or in front of a computer screen).

Download the TrueDark Daywalker Glasses Guidelines.


In the evening, wear Twilight before you go to sleep. Try wearing them for just 30 minutes and see how tired you get. Many people report that just wearing them when reading a book in bed is long enough to help them nod off and have quality sleep all night. You can choose to wear them up to 2-4 hours before bed for maximum effect.

Download the TrueDark Twilight Glasses Guidelines


Daywalkers and Twilights (note, not Daywalker Elites) come with a clip-in prescription insert that is interchangeable between Daywalkers and Twilights. Simply gently pull at the nose piece to pop the insert off of the Daywalkers. You can then have your optometrist fill the insert with your prescription if you wear glasses, or you can discard it if you don’t wear glasses. To remove the insert from the Twilight glasses, hold the top of the frame and gently pull back on the gray triangle. The soft inner lining of the glasses frame will pull back, allowing you to pull the insert out. Then simply click the gray triangle/arrow back into place.

How TrueDark Daywalkers work during the day

Blocking all blue light all the time isn’t the right approach. Not enough blue spectrum can be as bad for your brain and performance as too much! The brain requires light from the blue spectrum for many hours of the day from morning to afternoon. If you don’t get some blue light, your brain thinks it’s always evening, which makes you tired all day.

Our electronic devices (phones, computers, TV’s) produce much more blue light than is in nature, so you want to tone that light down in the afternoons, but not block all of it.

That’s why we created TrueDark Daywalker glasses. They filter some, but not all, of the blue spectrum so you can keep your body in-tune with what’s happening outside as the sunlight begins to go down, even while you’re still hard at work. It also can help reduce eye strain for those who are in front of a computer all day long.

While it’s important to regulate your blue light exposure during the day, this kind of technology just isn’t enough for night-time use, which is why we invented TrueDark Twilight.

How patent pending TrueDark Twilights work before bed

As the night wears on, if you were a cave man (and your body still thinks you are…hence the internal clock your body uses), blue light would go away when the sun went down, which prepares the body and brain for sleep and signals the body it’s time to do repairs. But night removes more than just the blue spectrum. Green and yellow goes away too. Here is more detail on why blocking those additional spectrum matters in deactivating the melanopsin-infused sensors in your eyes.

That’s where traditional blue blockers don’t quite cut it, because the green and yellow spectrum continue to flow through to your brain, stopping your brain from triggering natural production of melatonin.

Patent pending TrueDark Twilight glasses are the only solution on the market that goes beyond a simple blue light filter. TrueDark Twilight blocks ALL the spectrum that impact sleep and performance, including greens and yellows. Twilights are designed to wrap around the side of your eyes to minimize light leaking in at the edges — a key part of getting the full benefit from wearing the glasses at night when you want to block ALL blue, green and yellow spectrum.

The result? Your melanopsin sensors deactivate. your brain floods with natural melatonin and, well, nighty-night.