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Sign up and only pay $100 every quarter! The next box starts shipping March 2nd!

Dave Asprey's Biohacking Box

Get the most out of your mental, physical and cellular performance with a quarterly subscription to Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Box. Every 3 months, receive a new box full of gear, tools and unique knowledge curated, customized and shared by world renowned biohacker and the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey.

$100 on the 2nd day of every 3rd month.  The next box starts shipping March 2nd.

$75 now for the Initiation Box 

$100 on the 2nd day of every 3rd month.  The next box starts shipping March 2nd.

We have a few previous boxes left from earlier subscription boxes.  You can purchase these without a subscription, but hurry stock is limited.

Biohacked Partners

Looking to get more of a past box item?  Curious about products that have been in the past boxes.  Check out our Partners page to see some of our friends. 

TrueDark and TrueLight

  • Twilight Classic

    Twilight Classic - Sport-style, with full coverage foam barrier for maximum nighttime junk light blocking protection. - If you use electronics (phone/tablet/laptop) in bed to read this style is the ideal choice; if you read a paper book with a lamp in bed, you might want to consider our Twilight Elites instead.
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    4.66 out of 5
  • Daywalker Elite

    Daywalker Elite - Stylish, streamlined design, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium frame, daytime junk light blockers
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    5.00 out of 5
  • Twilight Fitovers

    - Lightweight full coverage nighttime junk light blockers that fit over prescription glasses
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  • TrueLight™ by TrueDark® Energy Square

    • The TrueLight by Truedark Energy Square features a unique patent-pending design that offers 4 different types of LED therapy lights:  Two different wavelengths of Red for Rejuvenation, Near Infrared for Strengthening, and Yellow for Skin Preparation; As well as two different lighting modes:  Steady for help in reducing pain and Pulsating to assist with cellular healing.
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Buy two TrueDark glasses for $139!  Get a pair of Twilights and a Daywalker to get the 24 hour solution.

A little Brain Training

  • Neurominer


    $99.00 for 1 year
    Neurominer is a brain training tool designed to help you improve your memory, creativity and recall. It turns out that most of our 'ah-ha' sparks of insight or creativity come in moments when we are day dreaming or our mind is drifting. Many times that can even be during some phases of sleep. Neurominer helps you train your brain to capture and retain moments of insight and clarity so they don't slip away!
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