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Then you are billed $100 every quarter when we ship your box. Shipments happen every quarter, March, June, September and December.

Upgrade Your Awesomeness

Enjoy new gadgets, supplements, tools and other Biohacking tools to upgrade your life curated by the Father of Biohacking - Dave Asprey

What's inside the box?

Most of the items in your subscription box are going to be a surprise - that’s part of the fun!

Each box, hand-curated by Dave Asprey, includes a mix of high-end wellness, fitness and tech products to help you take your biohacking to the next level.

Leading up to the launch of each box, we will send you spoilers and exclusive deals from our featured vendor partners via email so that you can get a sneak peak of certain items in advance.
With each box, you’re also automatically entered into a drawing for a “Golden Ticket” Item. These are the best of the best biohacking products, valued between $500-5,000, gifted to at least one lucky winner every single quarter!

Past Boxes

We are currently sold out of last quarters box due to how popular this box was.  Don’t miss out on the next box, sign up now!

Dave Asprey's Latest Un-boxing Video

Brain Training

Neurominer is a brain training tool designed to help you improve your memory, creativity and recall. It turns out that most of our ‘ah-ha’ sparks of insight or creativity come in moments when we are day dreaming or our mind is drifting. Many times that can even be during some phases of sleep. Neurominer helps you train your brain to capture and retain moments of insight and clarity so they don’t slip away!

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