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  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Twilight Classic ($99.00 $79.00 + Free Shipping in the USA)
    reviewed by Nathan Colonna

    Eye invested into the Daywalkers and Twilights. Sooo worth it and had the ABSOLUTE BEST NIGHTS SLEEP the next night! Both of these amazing products front TrueDark have given my roommate and I so much passion to create a blog and informational website. We are super grateful for TrueDark and how they bring science and nature into harmony.

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  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Classic Box Set ($198.00 $129.00 + Free Shipping in the USA)
    reviewed by amandaelmgren01

    Perhaps my eyes are not well enough to use the day and evening blockers because it just seems like I am trying to see through cheap fuzzy plastic lenses set in cheap plastic frames. The evening one makes my chest tighten and I want to rip it off my head. I carefully cleaned them both with gentle soap and dried with a linen napkin (no harsh paper based product like kleenex, etc) but no improvement. I had previously used the cloth enclosed but was unsure of any special treatment since there are no care directions. I don't see how I can use these successfully but perhaps my husband will think differently when he tries them. That happens!

    Update - my husband tried them and thinks the plastic is too fuzzy and hard to see through also. Hope you all have better success than we did!

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