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  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Classic Box Set ($198.00 $129.00 + Free Shipping in the USA)
    reviewed by amandaelmgren01

    Perhaps my eyes are not well enough to use the day and evening blockers because it just seems like I am trying to see through cheap fuzzy plastic lenses set in cheap plastic frames. The evening one makes my chest tighten and I want to rip it off my head. I carefully cleaned them both with gentle soap and dried with a linen napkin (no harsh paper based product like kleenex, etc) but no improvement. I had previously used the cloth enclosed but was unsure of any special treatment since there are no care directions. I don't see how I can use these successfully but perhaps my husband will think differently when he tries them. That happens!

    Update - my husband tried them and thinks the plastic is too fuzzy and hard to see through also. Hope you all have better success than we did!

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  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Twilight Classic ($99.00 $79.00 + Free Shipping in the USA)
    reviewed by Maddie S

    I wore my Daylight ones for first time at work in a stressful job. Within seconds I could feel my whole body calming down. It was quite amazing. I put them on when I can feel stress rising & they've been amazing.
    Worn the Twilight ones a couple of times & noticed my body slowing down preparing for bed also. I sleep a bit better on the nights when I have worn them for a while before bed.
    Glad I finally bought them.

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