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Pushing the limits. It’s all about the data.

Gathering data on the human body and optimizing based on the results is known as “biohacking” and the trend has been picking up serious steam in recent years.

So, is this another fad? Or should people take notice? How you feel impacts productivity. As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to always have a strong desire to improve every single day.

When I first heard of the concept behind biohacking, it made sense to me. In the past few years, I’ve realized how much my personal health affects my mood which directly impacts my output and productivity.

This is why, for example, companies are investing to optimize things like the color in their offices, which according to a study by the University of Texas can have a major impact on personal productivity.

Doing these color tests or any other type of experiment requires a controlled experiment so the results can be monitored and split tested. This is where the idea behind biohacking comes into play.

If you aren’t doing it, you’ll fall behind. Somewhere out there, a competitor is frantically searching for ways to give themselves an edge to overtake your business.

Slowly, entrepreneurs will begin to realize that, if they can simply find ways to double their own personal output, they could drastically improve the efficiency and output of their organization.

While biohacking results and methods will be debated, the fact is that if you aren’t focused on improving your own performance, there is a chance your competitors are. And as a business owner, this is what should scare you.

Biohacking will continue to grow in popularity and with that growth, we can expect the controversy to rise as well.


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