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Our prestige models of TrueDark™ Daywalker (Elite and Elan) are polarized, tuned lenses in a comfortable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame. Both upgraded Daywalkers are perfect for a stylish look that you can wear for hours. Daywalker Elite and Elan are unisex and look great on everyone.

Daywalker Elites tend to be more popular with people with average-to-wide faces. People with narrower or smaller faces tend to favor Elans. The lenses on the Elites are taller top-to-bottom.

Both models filter out the most extreme, artificial blue “junk light” most man-made light sources display. Use them when you’re indoors, working on computers, watching TV, or anywhere else junk light is impacting your performance. Some blue light during the day is good for you, and Daywalker Elite or Elans help bring the blue light from your devices and overhead lights back down to levels that are compatible with humans.

“Love the Daywalkers! Thanks for sharing them with the world. Love them way more than the older blue blockers.” – Bob

Now also available as a discounted set with the TrueDark Twilights


Use TrueDark Daywalker to filter junk light during the day #stopjunklight
Use TrueDark Daywalker to filter junk light during the day #stopjunklight

Your entire physiology is impacted by various spectrum of light. All models of TrueDark™ Daywalker glasses filter out specific wavelengths of junk light that we’re exposed to via an average of 10 hours/day that we spend on TVs, phones and computers (1). And that is just “screen time”. Even if we’re simply reading an old fashioned book that is printed on paper, we’re doing that in artificial light (LEDs, fluorescents, etc.) that have dramatically more “blue light” than the natural sun produces.

The result of over exposure to blue light can be drastic, causing poor sleep, trouble focusing, weight gain and overall poor health. Your hormones and neurotransmitters are under circadian control, and that is dramatically impacted by the large amount of blue spectrum light modern people are exposed to. One of the most common areas of impact is poor sleep and melatonin production. Melatonin is an important hormone that does many things, but is most notable for regulating sleep patterns/circadian rhythm. Another amazing benefit of melatonin is that it’s responsible for reducing inflammation in the brain. TrueDark Daywalker tones down the amount of the blue wavelengths that negatively impact your biology.

Your eyes are a window to your soul (and to your suprachiasmatic nucleus)

The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is the major regulator of your circadian rhythm. Your brain knows whether it is day or night based on the amount of light– or the lack of light – that your eyes are exposed to.

Light is measured in nanometers (nm). The shorter wavelengths of light have a greater effect on your sleep cycles.  The short 460 nm wavelengths (these are the blue ones) of light suppress melatonin twice as much as longer 555 nm light, the wavelength best seen by the human eye. This means that ever since the light bulb was invented, we have been breaking our internal clocks — which breaks our circadian rhythm. As we’ve “improved” technology to make electricity more efficient via LEDs and fluorescent lighting, we’ve introduced more and more of the blue spectrum into our environment. In fact, retail stores use and office buildings use blue light to encourage wakefulness and productivity.  Controlling which wavelengths of light reach the eye gives us a way to reset and control our internal clocks.

“My daughter and I are loving our Daywalkers!!” – Trudy

Why Use TrueDark Daywalker Elite or Elan

Daywalkers block UV and harmful spectrums of blue light, reducing eye strain, protecting retinal cells and helping to keep your circadian rhythm on track. Poor sleep is linked to heart disease, weight gain, type 2 diabetes and depression (2). Traditional blue blockers block all of the blue spectrum, which isn’t good enough for night time use (see TrueDark Twilight) but is too much for during the day. Daywalker shifts the spectrum to reduce (but not eliminate) the harshest of the blue spectrum, resulting in reduced eye strain and improved hormone performance.

“I work in a hospital that uses florescent lights everywhere. The first day I wore the daywalker glasses, my mood improved by 50%. After one week of daily wear, I was no longer miserable at the end of the day and I had more energy than I have had in years. I am happy that I can do something so simple and have it make such a big difference in my mood and my health. Thank you for creating these glasses, my husband and children thank you too. No more mean mommy.” – Andrea

When to wear TrueDark™  Daywalker

Remember that some blue light is already in nature and it’s good for you! It’s the time of day and the overall amount of exposure that you will want to manage. Daylight early in the day (ideally real, unfiltered sunlight), is fine. Don’t wear your Daywalker glasses if you are walking around outside in the morning! Once you’re in harsh artificial light or staring at a computer screen or TV, break out your TrueDark Daywalker Elite glasses.

  • During the day when you’re in artificial light, including office buildings, TVs, computers and phone.
  • During air travel. Planes are 100% junk light. Wear during daytime flights when you expect to land a few hours before you’ll be going to sleep. Once you’re safely at your hotel/home, switch to TrueDark Twilight 2-4 hours before bed. On a redeye, choose TrueDark Twilight glasses for the whole flight.
  • Use common sense and avoid driving, using heavy machinery or other actions that may be impacted by a change in depth perception or changes on the color spectrum.
TrueDark Daywalker filters excessive artificial blue light
TrueDark Daywalker filters excessive artificial blue light

The Daywalker Elites are polarized, tuned lenses in a comfortable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame. The Daywalker Elites or Elans are perfect for a stylish look that you can wear for hours, however they are not compatible with the prescription insert that comes with the Twilights.

Our regular Daywalkers (not these Elites or Elans) that come in the box set with the Twilights have been engineered to be incredibly lightweight and provide more of a wrap-around goggle style for enhanced filtering. Regular Daywalkers also have a removable prescription insert that your local eye doctor can fill. The insert is interchangeable with your TrueDark Twilight glasses too! To use the clear framed prescription insert, simply pop it out by firmly pulling it backwards directly away from the lines at the nose bridge location, then take the insert to your local optometrist to have your prescription filled.

“Absolutely sensational ! I am so impressed with the technology incorporated into my fantastic day and night blue blocking glasses l have recommended them to all my patient’s and friends. Just another awesome Dave Asprey recommended health bio-hack.” – Dr. Viv

Who should use TrueDark technology?

Our hormones and neurotransmitters (3) are under circadian control. This affects almost every condition you can think of that plagues modern life. Just a few conditions that are made worse or in part caused light at night include cancer and aging (4), ADHD (5), diabetes (6) Alzheimer’s (7) and psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases (8)

  • Anyone over the age of 60 – after 60, the body produces very little melatonin
  • Mothers who are breastfeeding – infants don’t produce their own melatonin, so they rely on the mother’s hormones, including melatonin. When the mother has healthy levels, they are transmitted via breast milk to set their infants “master clock”, resulting in better sleep at night for your baby (and you!)
  • Shiftworkers – Light at night which accompanies shiftwork is listed as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization.
  • Biohackers – When looking for an edge in your mental or physical performance, sleep and hormone production are a mainstay.
  • Weight loss – Leptin is a master hormone and signals to our brains how much fat storage we have. Its levels peak at night. Leptin and ghrelin are the two main hunger hormones in our body. Both leptin and ghrelin are light sensitive.
  • Office workers – by poor overhead flickering flourcent light, or overly blue tinged LEDs, while staring at a bright computer screen for 8-10 hours per day.
  • Airplane travelers – Stop Junk Light. Stop (or at least drastically reduce) jet lag caused by junk light and time zone changes. The overhead lights on airplanes are harsh. The outside light also comes in from the windows, but your brain isn’t programmed to have bright light coming from the side, with harsh light from above. It’s exhausting and drags your hormones down. Wearing TrueDark glasses on a plane, along with a ballcap, will make a huge difference in your travel experience!

Even after protecting your eyes from harsh, artificial light throughout the day, you can take one more step to lock in the benefits. to have around the clock protection, check out TrueDark Twilight. To maximize your biology, use the stylish TrueDark Daywalker for throughout the day when you’re in artificial light, then use your pair of TrueDark Twilight 2-4 hours before going to sleep. Get started now to #StopJunkLight™  We offer TrueDark Twilight and TrueDark Daywalker glasses as a set to provide you with the maximum coverage to help you protect your melatonin during the day, and your melatonin and melanopsin. Remember, TrueDark Twilight is a patented  process that filters out light that damages melatonin and melanopsin production.

This product is an individual TrueDark Daywalker Elite or Elan (aluminum frame). These Daywalker Elites are not compatible with the prescription insert that comes with the Twilights. If you’re looking for a set of Daywalkers and Twilights with interchangeable prescription inserts, check out the boxed sets of both TrueDark Daywalker and Twilight on sale for only $129 with free US shipping.




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8 reviews for Prestige TrueDark™ Daywalker

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    marsha (verified owner)

    Purchased for my husband…………………… always using his iPad in the evening. He loves them and is using them. Even ordered another pair.
    Says they make reading so much easier and CALMS his brain……………..

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I work in a hospital that uses florescent lights everywhere. The first day I wore the daywalker glasses, my mood improved by 50%. After one week of daily wear, I was no longer miserable at the end of the day and I had more energy than I have had in years.

    I am happy that I can do something so simple and have it make such a big difference in my mood and my health. Thank you for creating these glasses, my husband and children thank you too. No more mean mommy.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    robert.ratchford (verified owner)

    I work in a military facility and they use a TON of florescent bulbs and computer screens…screens all day long. I sometimes go 10-12 hours without real daylight. I promise you that if you keep these on for a few days, you’ll have some amazing results in your mood, energy level, and the amount of sleep per night (if that’s a problem for you). I honestly can’t say enough good things about both these and the Twilights. The customer service is outstanding as well. My puppy got ahold of one of the cases and I dropped an email. They got back to me the next day and got a new case out to me right away. Also, I think the collapsible cases are really cool, too. Anyway, these are probably my favorite purchase in the past couple of years. Very impressed!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael B. Mantz (verified owner)

    I have to say that I have had two interactions with customer service and they have been the best that I have had from any company that I can remember. They arer fast, responsive and very generous and courteous. I try to spread the word when businesses emphasize customer service. That being said these glasses are awesome. The addition of polarizing these lenses from the regular daywalkers really makes a difference. I can leave these on most of the day and feel comfortable and I usually don’t like wearing anything like jewelery, glasses, etc if I don’t have to. Once you put these on you can feel your eyes relaxing. And then you feel more relaxed. It has a nice relaxed and the yellow hue gives a little alertness so that they are not sedating as some darker glasses might be. I can use the computrer comfortabley and in fact now that I use these its crazy how you can feel the strain when you don’t use them when using a laptop or other close screen LED.

    Solid great glasses. Awesome customer service!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alisa O.

    I typically wear these when working on the computer during the day (which I do A LOT). I’ve noticed that my eyes feel less strain, and I feel generally less tired than I normally would. I was wearing glasses with a coating to help with the screen glare, but the Daywalker is noticeably better! The design is also comfortable to wear and they arrived quickly. I love them!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just got these in the mail. As soon as I put them on I felt a shift in my eyes. More relaxed. The design is comfortable which is great. I normally hate wearing glasses on my face. I don’t need glasses for vision and I’ve never been a fan of sunnies.
    I do a lot of night driving and computer staring, which is why I bought these. My eyes have been tired and I’ve felt low energy for a while. I look forward to an improvement in this area with the use of these glasses.

  7. Rated 1 out of 5

    trs707 (verified owner)

    3.5 Stars (Note, this review does not allow me to choose anything except for 5 stars for some reason. It will not allow me to choose the number of stars).

    This Daywalker Elan model is nice. Definitely fits my face much better than the Elite because I have a smaller head. They definitely relax my eyes under fluorescent lighting.

    However, there seems to be one significant issue or defect with them that really needs attention and makes it so that I may opt to use other options for keeping out dirty light. The issue is the tint and visibility constantly changes any time I make even minor movements of my head.
    When I tilt my head to the left slightly, the tint goes away and the blue of the monitor is full force. When I tilt my head to the right, the tint gets progressively darker (more blue is blocked). This definitely has to be a defect, since there would be no practical reason for this to happen. It’s very distracting and bothersome.

    • Jenna Keane (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback! The change in the lens that you’re experiencing is most likely related to the polarization of the lens. If you’d like to exchange or return them, we offer a 90 day love or return policy. Let us know at if you’d like a different pair.

  8. Rated 3 out of 5


    IS there a break-in period for wearing these. I always end up with a headache after wearing them at work all day. At first I thought it was because I didn’t have the prescription in them. I went to the eye doctor and got a mid-range script for work to help with reading and sitting in front of the computer, and plain readers for the twilight set. Please help as I appreciate the assistance these glasses are supposed to have, but I can’t handle getting a headache everyday.

    • Kim Loucks

      Are the glasses too tight on your temples? That can cause discomfort over time. Feel free to contact us in the “Contact Us” section of the site and we can help you more thoroughly!

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